Our companies

Parent company – Vilokan AB

Business area Technology

Vilokan Recycling Tech AB

Number of employees: 13 st.
Turnover: 85 milj.

The Group’s development company and innovation centre. Technological development and project sales of installations for purification and recycling. Bespoke solutions for industry and the public sector.

Business area Solutions

Vilokan ADF Solutions AB
Vilokan ADF Solutions OY
Vilokan ADF Solutions AS

Number of employees: 7st.
Turnover: 45 milj.

Supplies airports all over the world with systems for handling and reusing deicing fluid – purifying the water and recycling the glycol. Closes the circuit and creates a profitable business with a complete technology and service package. Also offers financing, operation and ownership.

Business area Fluids

Arom-Dekor Kemi AB
Arom Dekor Kemi AS
Arom Dekor Kemia OY

Number of employees: 55 st.
Turnover: 300 milj.

Production, packaging and sales of chemical products for the automotive sector and industry. Reuses recycled raw materials and purified water from the Vilokan Group. Finely developed logistics network featuring articulated lorries and tankers.